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Re: plans for doom packages

On 19.06.2013 23:13, Jonathan Dowland wrote:
> Hi, I just thought I'd update the team with the latest on plans for
> the Doom packages.

Good idea!


> I'd like to find someone else to take over deutex. It is used as a
> build dependency on prboom but won't be for prboom-plus. However, it's
> the only doom WAD tool in Debian so it would be a shame for it to
> disappear IMHO.
> vavoom has another maintainer already. We need one for deng (Doomsday)
> as sadly Kees Meijs is in a similar position to me when it comes to
> Debian stuff.

I really like the idea to report regularly about projects, plans and own
goals. I think that's a good way to keep things alive and perhaps to
arouse somebody else interest in providing assistance, of course only if
time permits.

On the other hand it's a real pity that you are stepping down from
maintaining doom or id software related games. That means Fabian is the
new Doom guru now?

I don't know much about deutex yet but if you can't find a dedicated
doom enthusiast, i might be able to transform the package to source
format 3.0. However i can't promise that i will add new features to it.
So trying to keep the package alive would be my first priority, i can't
promise anything else.


> I'm happy - and planning - to continue to sponsor uploads of all of
> the above.

I take you at your word. ;)



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