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Re: Darkplaces commits

On 22/04/13 13:44, David Bate wrote:
> I have committed changes to the Darkplaces git repository.  I have
> included the Debian changelog below.

Thanks, I've had some time to look at Darkplaces now, and committed some
more changes:

* when importing new upstream stuff, please at least skim-read/search
  the diff, and watch out for new copyright holders/licenses/etc.
* in this particular package, also please watch out for new (ab)uses
  of dlopen() to load shared libraries - for Debian we want them all
  to be either a "real" dependency or never used, I think

I was going to do an upload with your updates + my additional changes,
but while testing it I found a nasty bug in libsdl1.2 which prevents
darkplaces from exiting when run on my system
(<http://bugs.debian.org/708760>). It doesn't seem to be a regression in
darkplaces, but it's also pretty problematic - if you're running in
full-screen or the mouse is captured, you can only recover by logging in
on a text console and killing darkplaces. So, I'm not uploading just
yet, in the hope that we can sort that out first.

If that bug turns out to only affect pulseaudio/experimental or
something, then I might upload anyway.

> Although libd0-blind-id
> is not yet in Debian, I have working packages that will de uploaded to
> mentors.d.n very soon.

Please let me know when d0-blind-id is ready for review. I'll probably
be able to sponsor, although if you don't mind me joining the Uploaders,
I'd prefer to prepare uploads directly from pkg-games git with whatever
minor changes are needed, like I do to "sponsor" quakespasm. I had a
quick look and I don't see anything obviously wrong - thanks for picking
this up.

>   * Imported Upstream version 0~20110628+svn11805, as recommended for
>     Xonotic 0.6.0

Upstream have made actual releases since then (0~20121222, 0~20130301,
0~20130304 in our terminology). Are those versions release-quality, at
least for experimental? Would you mind correlating them with svn
commits? (Upstream doesn't seem to do tags or anything useful like that...)

If you (or the Xonotic developers) can encourage LordHavoc to tag
releases in svn, I'm sure that would make life easier too.


PS. I will try not to confuse you with the developer also matching
/David Ba.*/ who co-maintains Debian's other Quake 1 engine... :-)

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