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Re: Bug#709137: ITP: freespace2 -- open source implementation of the Freespace 2 game engine

On 21/05/13 06:12, Dmitry Smirnov wrote:
>    Package name: freespace2
>    Package name: freespace2-launcher-wxlauncher

I'd be interested in helping with these.

I think it would be best to avoid referring to fs2open (the engine) as
"open source" in Debian package metadata - its license doesn't meet the
OSI's Open Source Definition (which is basically the text of the DFSG,
but as interpreted by different people), which is the definition I'd
normally expect.

game-data-packager is probably a good way to deal with the data
requirement. Do you have access to the original CD version of Freespace
2? I only have the gog.com version.

I'd be tempted to call the engine fs2open, and call the launcher
freespace2-wxlauncher or even just freespace2 (I assume the wx launcher
is the upstream-recommended "official" one?). I think the launcher is
probably the better thing to make "user-facing" (with .desktop/.menu
files, etc.).


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