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Re: Problem find font

Hi Alfonso,

On 14.03.2013 18:40, Alfonso Sabato Siciliano wrote:

> I tried (--SYMLINK--) to write in debian/links:
> usr/share/fonts/truetype/sil-averia/AveriaSans-Regular.ttf
> usr/share/games/beret/AveriaSans-Regular.ttf
> but it is broken.

That's strange. Normally this works but i can't find your links file at
the moment. Your other option is to patch game.c and define a new
RESOURCEPATH to your font directory or change it directly

// Load fonts
font =

and so on. Just a few remarks:

You can also use dirs files instead of using "mkdir -p" commands in
You should consider using xz-compression. You can simplify your
copyright file and merge all paragraphs with the same license. Do you
really need a -dbg-package for beret?



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