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Re: Steam for Linux? No thanks.

On Sat, 23 Feb 2013 20:46:29 Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  I'm sorry, but claiming others are immune to arguments when you
> (intentionally?) ignore the requests to base your statement that steam
> is "all about DRM" with something useful, I fail to see your arguments
> at all.

Do you want me to explain how/why DRM is bad? There are enough information 
about it out there.

Do you want facts that Steam and DRM are "married"? It is also quite clear.

Then what kind of facts do you expect? 

> It has been shown that there are games on steam that are *not*
> DRM encumbered, and steam itself doesn't force it onto games distributed
> through it, so your sole "argument" is unfortunately moot.

Unfortunately if some Steam-distributed games are not DRM encumbered (yet?) 
it's not enough to outweigh the cons. Besides is there a guarantee that DRM 
will not be enforced later when games gain enough popularity?
Would it be legal to re-distribute games without Steam?
Isn't badness of such game distribution system is obvious?
Then why involve Debian?

>  You might feel you hare mistreated here, but accusing others of
> ignorance when you don't give us your facts is not buying you any
> respect for your cause.

I fail to see what kind of "facts" you expect...

> > Is Steam upload benefits Debian in any way? I doubt that...
>  There are people who think otherwise.  Please respect that.

I'm trying to respect, but so far the only argument for Steam that was 
expressed here is that it may help us to attract more users (or satisfy their 
I would argue that even if popularity is a goal we've never tried to gain it 
by providing easy access to non-free and potentially DRM encumbered content.
That wouldn't be our goal in any way. Promoting DRM and non-free is not our 

Without the above argument I think supporters of Steam are left with nothing 
but their willingness to bring Steam despite all concerns. (They are of course 
free to do that as long as their work is policy compliant).

I think this thread have enough criticism of my argumentation but very little  
reasoning and support for Steam uploading.

Instead of demands for strong case against Steam I would like to hear if you 
have anything to support the cause. Why some want Steam in Debian? What for? 
What good can come out of it?

Best wishes,
 Dmitry Smirnov
 GPG key : 4096R/53968D1B

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