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Re: Vote on NMU/commiting guidelines

On 08/22/12 20:15, Martin Erik Werner wrote:
I think it might be good to clarify {IF this is the intention (I think
it should be)} that "act on objections" is not limited to the 5-day
period, if someone disagrees with you after 7 days instead (for some
reason or other), there's no hint that you're "free to ignore" at that

Worth mentioning here is that when I wrote it I did intentionally word
"act on objections" very diffusely, so that it could potentially mean
anything from "friendly discussion" to "flamewar on debian-devel", just
to point out that objections should NOT be ignored (is that evident? Is
that good?).

Don't know, I think the formulation is ok. I see the guidelines as a means to encourage contributions, so we don't have to go all the way from no rules to super detailed rules. It would be nice if interest in maintaining these packages would be so high that people argue over how to do it. :)

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