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Re: Nikki and the Robots – where is it stuck?

More stuff:

rootInstall installs the *.license, *.bfxrsoun, *.bfxr files and
README files, which aren't needed at runtime AFAICT. icon.icns is only
needed on MacOS X, no need to install it normally. nikki.desktop
should be installed in <prefix>/share/applications instead of its
current location. On Linux the icons should be installed to
<prefix>/share/icons/hicolor/<resolution>/apps/nikki.png instead of
where they are installed now.

There are a number of duplicate files, mostly the bitmap font. Will
the game still work if I replace those with symlinks? I guess due to
supporting Windows you can't use symlinks, but is there some way
rootInstall on Linux/MacOS could use symlinks instead of duplicate

I wonder about the license of the soundfont HorrorPen used to convert
"It Is.mid" into "It Is.ogg". Since a MIDI file is a set of notes and
requires a soundfont for actual audio output, the OGG is most likely a
"derivative work" of the both soundfont and the MIDI notes. I wonder
similar things about the other ogg files, but there isn't any
indication of what method they used to create them. I guess you intend
for the music to never be modified anyway.



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