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Re: new xlife, pls help

>>>>> Лидовский Владимир <lidw@rambler.ru> writes:

 > I am Debian Linux user and the current developer of xlife project.  I
 > used Debian xlife-5.0.8 as the base for my work.  The current version
 > of xlife is 6.5.3 <http://litwr2.atspace.eu/xlife.html>

	This page has no useful content.  Did you mean …/xlife.php

	BTW, what DVCS is used for the project?

 > — it supports all the features of xlife-5.3
 > <http://openports.se/games/xlife>.  I've contacted with former
 > developers of xlife Achim Flammenkamp and Eric S. Raimond.  They gave
 > me their approvals <http://www.catb.org/esr/software.html>.  Eric
 > S. Raimond said that he has plan for further development of xlife.
 > He has unpublished versions 5.4 and 5.5 of xlife.

	Could you take care to update the Xlife page at the Life Wiki
	and (or) create a page at Freecode?  I believe it will make
	Xlife more visible to the search engines.



 > My work had started with Debian sources so I feel a desire to
 > reintroduce this famous program.  However I am not skilled as Debian
 > maintainer and need some kind of algorithm of such reintroduction.

	I believe that it'd be enough to provide an updated Debian
	package (together with the sources suitable for Debian's
	automatic buildd's) and ask for someone (a “sponsor”) to upload
	this package for you.


 > I can create xlife binary package using equivs.

	My guess is that an equivs-based package will not be suitable
	for buildd's.

	It may make sense to copy the older source package's debian/
	subdirectory into the new source, update debian/changelog, and
	use $ debuild (as of devscripts) to try to get it build.  Should
	it fail (which is quite likely), tweak debian/rules, and perhaps
	other debian/ files until it builds correctly.

	Note that debuild(1) (or, rather, dpkg-buildpackage(1)) expects
	that, e. g., if one's building Foo 1.2.3, Debian revision 4, the
	original (non-Debian) source should be in foo_1.2.3.orig.tar.gz,
	and the “Debianized” source is below foo-1.2.3/.

	Consider, for instance:

$ pwd 
$ ls -1F .. 
$ debuild -us -uc 
$ ls -1F .. 

 > What are the steps which help to reintroduce modern xlife?

	Ask for a “sponsor” once you've got the suitable source package

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