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hello again

Hi folks,

I've decided to rejoin the team again.  I left just under a year ago to try and
focus on other things.  I've been mostly successful, managing to structure my spare
time to do the most for Debian that I can manage (although that's not much :()

However it's been sad to watch my former packages in the games team rot.  We're
going to release wheezy with most of them unchanged (I'm still listed as Uploader
for nearly all of them since there hasn't been an upload).  An RC bug filed against
deutex convinced me to rejoin.

Games packages will not be my topmost Debian priority but I hope my new working
regime will mean that they get a fair amount of time spent on them.

As it turns out, I was never removed from the alioth group, so there's nothing for
anyone to do!

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