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Re: can somebody package libalfont ?

Packages could even be uploaded to unstable and stay there until after
the freeze, but we didn't find a sponsor for Allegro 5 in the two months
before the freeze, so we won't find one now. Same goes for alfont.

I think alfont is replaced by liballegro-ttf in Allegro 5. You can use
the Allegro 5 package on mentors if you want:


Best regards,

Am 01.07.2012 20:08, schrieb shirish शिरीष:
> Dear Friends,
> Please CC me if anybody replies
> I know it's mighty late (as we are now in freeze) but is there
> possibility of having libalfont at least in experimental or is this
> going out ?
> There was an ITP which was put up for this
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=465323 which never
> came to anything. URL for source given as
> http://www.helixsoft.nl/project_page.php?file_name=alfont.proj -
> alfont 2.0.7
> Then there is/was another contender via URL
> http://chernsha.sitesled.com/ -alfont 2.0.9
> Can somebody tell/share which one is correct (or both are ?)
> Also came to know that 2.0.9 is broken and need to be patch with a
> patch for it to work .
> http://opensnc.sourceforge.net/alfont/
> Few questions :-
> a. Which of the above is correct/true ?
> b. Is alfont living or going to live or die in allegro 5 ?
> c. Would somebody be interested in packaging it ?
> With the recent opengameart.org+FSF challenge (lpc.org)  I have been
> seeing quite a few programmers take up allegro as the gaming library.
> It perhaps might make things easier for them and indirectly making it
> easy for me as well (being able to compile games without compiling
> some of the dependencies as well).
> At the moment, I am assuming that libalfont is being bundled in/with
> allegro 5 ? From wikipedia article on allegro :-
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegro_%28software%29#Allegro_5
> "Many of the addons that existed as separate projects for Allegro 4
> will be rewritten to interface more seamlessly with Allegro proper and
> will be bundled with the default installation. Allegro 5 is intended
> to be event driven."
> Looking forward for any info.

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