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Re: Debian Games Team Screnshotting Party

On 02/02/12 09:51 AM, Andreas Tille wrote:
> HINT, HINT, HINT: Please maintain the according tasks files to make even
> more profit from its advantages.  It's not that long ago that I proposed
> this here[3] however, with no visible effect.

It would be fantastic if someone followed up on this. I'm going to
reiterate here my offer to help with the debian-live stuff. I have taken
a chunk of my time today to tidy the config I did before so it builds
against current Wheezy using the latest live-build:


Note that this is quite a different image from what would be needed for
a Debian Pure Blend, since it includes non-free. I make no apology for
this, as it began as just a fun thing to take to LAN parties. It is
meant to serve as an example of the possibilities for a games live
image, not as something we could use as any sort of "official" Debian
Games image. I encourage whoever cares about making such a thing to take
the initiative and get started. I would be happy to contribute in some
small way, and I'll continue to be available for help with the Debian
Live stuff, but can't be the driver for the Games/Blends effort***:



*** Upon consideration of the amount of time that I have for Debian
work, and how much I already spend on Debian Live, which is my first
priority, it just wouldn't be fair either to the Games team or the Live
team to take on anything like this. I can guarantee if I did, one or the
other or both projects would just end up suffering from my lack of

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