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Re: Analysis of "Nikki and the Robots" dependencies


I continued to work on the nikki packaging. Two additional dependencies
have appeared (template and binary-communication) and are packaged and
waiting in NEW.

I created a package based on nikki_0.4.1.2+darcs47, e.g. the current
Darcs version. It works, but things to do are:
 1. Writing debian/copyright
 2. Assembling build-dependencies
 3. Creating .desktop and .menu files and a manpage.

I’ll do 2. as soon as the additional dependencies are in Debian (easier
to verify the build in builder then.)

Miriam (or pkg-games in general), would you be willing to do 1. and 3.
(or at least 3.)?

I have requested membership in the pkg-haskell alioth group and will put
the sources in that SVN repo as soon as I have access.

Sönke, is it expected that all menu entries quit currently immediately
besides “community level”, “options”, “no updates available”?


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