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Re: Missing tag in freeciv git repository

On 06/15/2011 02:50 AM, Karl Goetz wrote:

>> Git tag doesn't spit out no upstream/2.2.5 tag but there's the
>> corresponding xdelta in the pristine-tar branch. Without the tag
>> pristine-tar checkout refuses to generate the .orig.tar.gz.
>> @Karl: Could you add the tag, please? Thanks!
> Hi mate,
> I've not fixed my debian related checkouts since the alioth move, so
> this might take me a while - is it something i have to tag out of my
> clone? if not i'm happy for someone else to do it.

it should be sufficient to run
 git push --tags
after you have fixed the remote url (which should not be needed on
non-anonymous checkout afaict?)

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