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Re: speed-dreams package

Hi Thomas,

Seriously, you're more likely to get a constructive debate on

On Sat, 19 Mar 2011 18:07:49 +0100, Thomas Maass <mase@setho.org> wrote:
> But I am still unsure with the extra documentation.
> I would say, that it is not necessary to register it.

I'd say it's easy enough just to do it ;-). If you don't mind I can push the
appropriate doc-base files...

> That are only some game tutorials.
> Should I upload it to git now?

I see you uploaded, which is just as well. I had a look at your packaging,
and I've made some corrections (in particular I fixed your dh_auto_configure
override, and fixed the manpages); is it OK if I push them to the git

A few of things you might want to look at:
* the robots tutorial license is GFDL, so you should mention that in
  debian/copyright (as well as avoid shipping the license file in the
  generated packages)
* your patches directory has a debian-changes file which should ideally be
  split up into component patches
* git-buildpackage doesn't work out of the box, it needs --git-ignore-new
  because the build deletes some files which are in the upstream branch; this
  is probably a bit harder to fix, you might need to copy them somewhere and
  restore them in your clean target

Thanks for you packaging work,


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