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Fwd: game: redeclipse

(Also sent to debian-legal)

Hello, I am currently working on packaging the game "Red Eclipse":
http://www.redeclipse.net/ http://sourceforge.net/projects/redeclipse/
(Getting it into Debian would be nice _if_ issues are resolved...)

The license is causing me headaches:

Limited rights are granted to redistribute or recompress the entire distribution
   using different archival formats suitable for your OS (zip/tgz/deb/dmg),
   any changes beyond that require explicit permission from the developers.

Use of any logos, trademarks, or other advertising/promotional material
   for Red Eclipse are free to use without consent, when used in
conjunction with
   a Red Eclipse article, comment, review, advertisement, or
redistribution of the
   game; regardless of the media featured in said material. Use for any other
   reason is strictly prohibited without explicit permission from the

(...I have already nagged about some points which have changed in the
license... still barely better than bad though)

What kind of modifications to the license/permissions as a packager
would I request from the upstream authors in order for this to at
least fit into non-free (preferably contrib/non-free)?

sauerbraten and warsow have very similar licenses and are currently
split in that way, with data residing in non-free:

- arand

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