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Re: Thoughts about removing vegastrike from the archive

* Loïc Martin <loic.martin3@gmail.com> [2010-06-13 22:02:10 CEST]:
> Without the music (and binaries of course), you're looking at a 260MB
> data file (compressed with 7z). Still a big step from the previous
> 150MB in Sid, but not as much as half a GB. Reducing that further
> would probably require upstream cooperation, or at least a developer
> that knows its ways around graphic data compression (the graphic files
> can't be opened in a graphic editor).
> The music itself is an easier target. It's 156MB in upstream's
> archive, but half of that is wasted encoding Mono audio in a Stereo
> file, and since the audio is computer generated in the first place you
> can downsize it to 50MB without losing the quality.
> So all in all, just going for the low hanging fruit would make it a
> 260MB data file plus a 50MB audio file. No loss in quality, no
> stripped-down version. However, I don't know what the maximum size
> limit is for Debian.

 It's said to be that it has to fit on a CD. nexuiz-data did run into
that limit until Fuddl did split the textures off into their own
package - the music was split out for a long time already.

 Not sure what issues will be there once a source package reaches the CD
size limit.

 So long,
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