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Re: Details on nettoe-1.2.1

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 6:17 AM, Mats Erik Andersson
<mats.andersson@gisladisker.se> wrote:

> I am working on the packaging of the new release nettoe-1.2.1,
> of which I am also the upstream coauthor, in addition to being
> a junior member of the Debian Games Team.
> Now, in #544916 I filed an ITA in response to an RFA issued by
> the Debian Games Team.

It appears that you forgot to CC/BCC control@b.d.o so #544916 is still
an RFA, not an ITA.

> It is here my questions begin to torment me:
> 1) Should I keep the Debian Games Team as package maintainer,
>   and thus add myself as Uploader, or should I impose myself
>   as new package maintainer in debian/control? The latter
>   option would better fullful #544916 in my understanding.

Usually we prefer collaborative maintainence, so that would mean add
yourself to uploaders.

> 2) Following an earlier advice about small svn-commits, I could
>   at the moment imagine my commits to trunk/nettoe/debian sub-
>   devided like this:
>   a) Jump Standards and Compatibility in 'control', 'compat' ,
>      and a DEP-5 formulated 'copyright'.
>   b) Make 'rules' use dh instead of many 'dh_*'.
>   c) Finalise 'control' concerning Maintainer and/or Uploader.
>   d) Register all changes in 'changelog'.
>   This would correspond to "small and logical" changes.  Of course,
>   further testing and sponsor-critisism would follow suit. Or, could
>   there be a reason to make all four changes in one commit, and then
>   do the corrections afterwards?

Best to do the changes one at a time IMO. Each change should be
documented in debian/changelog in the same commit as the change
occurred. Using debcommit you can use the debian/changelog entry as
the commit log message.



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