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stepping down from games team admin now (possibly games team later)

Hi folks,

At the moment I have very limited time and hardly manage to
turn a computer on nowadays, let alone spend the time that
is required to do the job of team admin properly. Therefore
with regret I must step down from the job of Games Team
admin, to be a "regular" team member only.

Frankly I'm not doing a good job of meeting any of my
obligations as a team member (or even Debian developer) now
anyway. I am considering winding down my involvement in the
doom packages, and possibly increasing my involvement in
other areas of the games team, which I've always somewhat
neglected. However it might be that the right thing to do
will be to step down from the team altogether, we'll see how
the first few months of the year go for me.

Many thanks,

Jon Dowland

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