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On the continuation of Nettoe

Hello all Game developers in the Debian gnu herd,

this message is mostly to introduce myself, as I hope to
be entrusted the maintenance of Nettoe.

After an initial check with Gonéri Le Bouder, I have now
filed a retitle request on #544916, asking for making the
original RFA message for Nettoe into an ITA message.

Now, I am by no means a fervent games player; rather the
contrary. The few times I do play something, it would be
GnuGo with Cgoban as client.

My main interest lies with network programming, and router
functionality. I use Debian GNU/Linux, OpenBSD, and FreeBSD
for these purposes. My means to this end is C, the hard way!
I am a frequent user of the virtual console. Some days I
stay on the console for all productive work!

I have been a research mathematician, with twelwe published
scientific works, but I have given up on that occupation,
since my will to teach evaporated into thin air. But sadly,
the efforts to live off Linux or BSD knowledge has so far
been scant to say the least.

It will probably not be overly difficult to convince me to
study whatever AI engines you are using in your games, so I
am probably receptive to suggestions.

Officially I have only been able to get one deb-package into
the system. Last week my repackaging of the window manager
Windowlab was accepted into NEW. Well, the package is older,
but it had been orphaned and removed before I noticed this
mishap, so I simply had to reintroduce it again. The upstream
has jumped the release four times since last summer, after being
dormant for three years. Three of those jumps are my patches!
And a fourth has been accepted by the upstream authour.

As an appetizer, I last evening rebuilt the packaging of Nettoe
to use Quilt, and also made new patches against six compiler
warnings, resulting in a beautifully lintian clean package.
So, I am indeed serious about Nettoe. At present I find that
Nettoe misbehaves when switching between Linux virtual terminals,
and it spits black in my mrxvt and xterm emulators, so there
are certainly actions waiting to be taken!

I henceforth will try to sign my letters with the present gpg-key,
as long as I remember, of course.

In the hope of acceptance, I bid thee farewell for now,

Mats Erik Andersson, fil. dr

	Specialiteter:	Debian GNU/Linux
	                Brandväggar av dessa.


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