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Sorting out the Quake2 situation

Hi all,

I'm interested in getting Quake 2 packaged.  I'm willing to work on this 
myself, however before I start doing that I'd like to gather any 
information and experiences that you Debian Games people have on the 

My approach would be to take the latest R1Q2 revision and patch it up to 
compile under Debian i386 and amd64 (for starters) and to have ALSA 
sound.  Then I'd look into how to add quake2 support to game-data- 

Which parts would you do differently?  What are the particular challenges 
that I don't know about?  Generally, what are the reasons nobody has 
packaged it already, assuming it's not laziness?  (Which would be 
perfectly fine; I'm not here to assign blame, but want to understand the 
situation.)  And finally: who would be willing to help me with this 

TIA and let's try to crack this nut! :-)


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