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Re: spring packages

On Friday 23 October 2009 14:05:51 Paul Wise wrote:

> > a minimal free set of spring packages is available in svn and in mentors.
> I'm told my hardware is unlikely to be able to run spring (intel core
> duo2 with intel GPU), so I won't be testing/uploading spring.

Who will do the upload then?

I'll check if I manage to get a similar hardware in order to test it.

> That said, I looked at your packaging and made a few minor changes.
> Questions/comments:
> An ITP for the kernelpanic mod is probably a good idea.

Shall I file ITP for mods only or also for maps?

> Shouldn't AI_DATADIR be set to /usr/share/spring, or is that stuff
> per-architecture?

Both Arch dependent and arch indep, I already asked upstream if the can split 
AI more but as now .so, lua and java are mixed.

> Need watch files (and or get-orig-source targets) for springlobby &
>  kernelpanic.
> Why the mods/maps split for kernelpanic?

Because one could just install the mod and use springlobby to download and 
play it on different maps.

> Why do you override possible-gpl-code-linked-with-openssl?

It is told on disclaimer on debian/control, for IRC chatting with a former ftp 
master it came clear that if the code does not need any ssl symbol, the 
conflict between openssl and gpl does not apply, even if ldd seems to suggests 
the opposite. (Probably a lintian bug should be open for that).

> Why is ttf-freefont in the build-deps?

This is a mistake if we can have in-package dangling links.

> The hardcoding done by upstream that is evident in this patch is kinda
>  worrying:
> springlobby/debian/patches/01_add_more_libunitsync_search_paths.patch


> I'd suggest talking to the debian-l10n-english folks to improve the
> package descriptions:
> http://wiki.debian.org/PackagesDescriptionsReview
> http://wiki.debian.org/I18n/SmithReviewProject

Ok, I'll do.

> There are a number of lintian complaints:
> P: spring source: source-contains-prebuilt-windows-binary
> installer/nsis_plugins/inetc.dll
> P: spring source: source-contains-prebuilt-windows-binary
> installer/nsis_plugins/FindProcDLL.dll
> P: spring source: source-contains-prebuilt-windows-binary installer/7za.exe
> P: spring source: source-contains-prebuilt-windows-binary
>  installer/dos2unix.exe 

Shall I strip them from the sources and create a new stripped .orig.tar.gz ?

>  I: spring: arch-dep-package-has-big-usr-share 3884kB 20%

Would you like me to create a spring-common package?

> I: spring: possible-documentation-but-no-doc-base-registration

I'll consider to register in doc base the couple of docs presents in it.

> X: spring: shlib-calls-exit usr/lib/spring/libspringserver.so
> X: spring: shlib-calls-exit usr/lib/spring/libunitsync.so

Those 2 libraries are for internal use for spring lobbies and for standalone 
game server; I think I'll have very few possibility to have upstream care of 
these warnings.

> X: spring: spelling-error-in-binary ./usr/games/spring avaiable available
> Some things need to be sent upstream if they haven't already been:
> spring/debian/patches/*
> spring/debian/manpages/*
> springlobby/debian/patches/*
> springlobby/debian/manpages/*

I already sent them the patches in a previous incarnation, not yet the 

> The automated patch to /usr/share/applications/spring.desktop

Ok, I thought that was debian-specific and not of public interest.
> Ask them to use pango or quesoglc for font rendering since they select
> the appropriate set of fonts based on the string being rendered
> instead of relying on one specific font that may not have all the
> glyphs for the string. This is good for enabling i18n.

I 'll try but, I was told they are using plain ascii string and that they 
aren't ready yet for UTF8.

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