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Re: Git repository's and topgit

Robin Cornelius schrieb:
> Christoph Egger wrote:
>> Robin Cornelius schrieb:
>>> The 0.5 version of topgit has very recently hit unstable.
>>> Hope this info was useful for any team members using git for their
>>> repository.
>>   Just converted xwelltris to topgit to give it an try, looks very
>> usefull indeed (and can't be easier as far as I have come). Thanks for
>> this usefull pointer!
> I've got some notes appearing at http://www.byteme.org.uk/git.html, and
> also details how to access our topgit'd repository.
> We have some helper scripts appearing there now too tg-update-all and
> tg-import-patch, (in our scripts branch).
> Robin


  Thanks for your pointer, I'll have a look at your tg-import-patch
script next time I do some conversion.


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