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Re: packaging sfxr

2008/11/17 Hans de Goede <j.w.r.degoede@hhs.nl>:

> I think the real solution here is to get each and every patch upstreamed, as
> I've done with sfxr, and as is the Fedora way / mantra. In Fedora we try to
> make sure others do not need to reinvent the wheel by always pushing patches
> upstream, we even have a rule were each patch in a specfile needs to have a
> comment above it with an upstream bugtracker URL where the patch is
> submitted (or an explanation why this is Fedora specific).

Some of my upstreams do not care a bit about non-Windows users and are
not receptive to changes affecting only the Linux world. Some other
upstreams consider their games are finished, have moved forward and
even though they answer questions about them and help you maintaining
them, they probably won't make new releases. Some other upstreams are
non-active and even missing. The fact it that, at least in the games I
maintain, I probably have to make far more patches than in the average
free software programs. I really guess Fedora must do the same for a
lot of games too. I don't think that having a common repository of
these patches common to all the distros, even if they are copied and
adapted again in each of our repositories, would be a bad idea at all,
but you probably have a point in your concerns and most of the other
distributions won't be very receptive to this idea.


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