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Re: XTeddy under team maintenance?

On Fri, Nov 14, 2008 at 14:27, Miriam Ruiz <little_miry@yahoo.es> wrote:

> --- El vie, 14/11/08, Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> escribió:

>> I wonder what you think about this plan (considering that I
>> will
>> not subscribe this mailing list but subscribe the xteddy
>> package
>> in PTS and will follow bug reports).  But I just have not
>> enough
>> time to follow a high volume list like this.  So please CC
>> me in
>> your answer and tell me, whether you like my plan or not.

I think that, at some point, you will lose mail related to
xteddy if you choose to do this. May I suggest you subscribe
but only filter the message threads which contain xteddy to
a place where you actually read stuff?
I can very well understand your motivation and I firmly believe
that they are in good faith, but I can't help the feeling that you
are somewhat offloading the package. This is fine in and as of
itself, but it would be better to officially do so rather than
implying it.

Long story short, I think it would be better if you chose one of
the three:

1) keep package
2) OTA package with Debian Games taking over
3) join Debian Games

Personally, I would tend to do 3 with, in your case, some
filtering magic.


PS: If you do not intend to fix #370822 why do you need
DM-Upload? Not questioning this, just curious.

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