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Re: XTeddy under team maintenance?

On Mon, 17 Nov 2008, Richard Hartmann wrote:

I think that, at some point, you will lose mail related to
xteddy if you choose to do this. May I suggest you subscribe
but only filter the message threads which contain xteddy to
a place where you actually read stuff?

I might consider this.

I can very well understand your motivation and I firmly believe
that they are in good faith, but I can't help the feeling that you
are somewhat offloading the package. This is fine in and as of
itself, but it would be better to officially do so rather than
implying it.

I can asure you that I will not just put the "burden" of maintenance
to somebody else.  My main motivations are:

  1) I'm convinced that every package should be team maintained while
     on the other hand I hate anonymous teams where actually nobody
     really cares.  So I keep my name as Uploader and I *will* care
     for the package - but enable others to work on it as well.  I
     learned that simply orphaning a package jut puts burden on
     QA group and I do not intend to orphan the package (because I
     like it ;-)).
  2) I want to learn git and I just need a real example to work on
     it.  So do ot underestimate my ignorance in adopting new tools -
     *this* might be the real burden for pkg-games group to teach me
     git to not mess up your repository. ;-)

1) keep package

I do not orphan it as I said - I just want to find a proper repository
for maintenance.  As I said - I might use collab-meint otherwise.

2) OTA package with Debian Games taking over

If there is somebody of the team really interested he could add his
name in Uploaders.

3) join Debian Games

I do not intend to spend more time on games than I do now (which is
maintenance of xteddy and fortunes-de, perhaps sometimes testing
experimental wesnoth packages, but only in holidays).  I don't like
to be a "formal" member of a team and doing basically nothing.

PS: If you do not intend to fix #370822 why do you need
DM-Upload? Not questioning this, just curious.

I don't see any relation between fixing a specific bug and DM-Upload.
I just wanted to enable Debian Maintainers to upload xteddy (we always
set "DM-Upload: yes" in Debian Med because we have good experiences with
DMs.  Could you please more verbose why you see a connection between
a specific bug and this field?

Kind regards


Please CC me - I'm not subscribed.


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