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Re: Non-free artwork in games

On Sat, Oct 18, 2008 at 02:38:59AM +0200, Javier Serrano Polo wrote:
> Los juegos podrán ser distribuidos libremente, si tener Hammer
> Technologies derecho a ningún pago o royaltie por ello. Es posible
> utilizar los programas creados en DIV Games Studio con cualquier fin,
> incluida la venta de sus derechos a compañías distribuidoras, venta
> directa, publicaciones shareware, freeware, etc.
> Asimismo, no se obliga a los autores a la inclusión de ninguna mención
> en los juegos a DIV Games Studio ni a Hammer Technologies, pudiendo
> hacerlo si así lo desearan.
> [...]
> It should be obvious for a native reader, but I'll note that the
> "required component" mention's just a technical requirement, not a legal
> one. You can bypass including that file.

I know nothing about DIV, but this looks like a warning for DIV Games
Studio users rather than a license for games.

Roughly translating the first two paragraphs:

  The games can be freely distributed, and there is no need to pay any
  payment or royalties. It is possible to use the software created using
  DIV Games Studio for any purpose, including selling rights to
  distributors, direct sale, shareware publications, freeware, etc.

  Likewise, there is no need for authors to mention DIV Games Studio nor
  Hammer Technologies.

It would be interesting to have more input from someone who knows more
about DIV Games Studio. For instance, does this (pseudo?) license apply
to the "raw" data? Is it possible to use the data without DIV-related

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