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Re: Request for translation/evalutation (was: Fwd: Non-free artwork in games)

El lun, 27-10-2008 a las 12:18 +0100, Richard Hartmann escribió:
> Hi all,
> there has been a thread about the use of certain Spanish media CDs to
> replace non-free artwork [1].
> Can anyone who actually understands Spanish chip in on the DSFG-freeness
> of the licence below?

The license states total freedom for the binaries, but it doesn't say
anything about the sources. Here goes a quick translation:

Games can be freely distribuited. Hammer technologies does not have any
right to receive any fee or royalties. Games made by using DIV Games
Studio can be used for whatever you want, including selling them to
companies, shareware, freeware, etc.

Also, authors don't need to include any reference to DIV Games Studio or
to Hammer Technologies, but they can do it if they want.

In the installations you only need to include the file DIV32RUN.DLL, to
link to the functions of the programming language. This file will be
included in the final installations. DIV32RUN.DLL is a freeware
application. You can always get the latest version at DIV Games Studio

Also, creating and distributing libraries or utilities for this program
is allowed, even if the replace some of its functions.

So, more info about the sources of DIV32RUN.DLL is needed in order to
know if it is DSFG free.


José L.

P.S. I'm not subscribed to debian-devel-games, only to debian-legal.

> Thanks,
> Richard
> [1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-games/2008/10/msg00007.html
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> From: Javier Serrano Polo <jasp00@terra.es>
> Date: 2008/10/18
> Subject: Re: Non-free artwork in games
> To: debian-devel-games@lists.debian.org
> > could you post the license of these CDs?
> The most recent version's the following one.
> ----------
> Los juegos podrán ser distribuidos libremente, si tener Hammer
> Technologies derecho a ningún pago o royaltie por ello. Es posible
> utilizar los programas creados en DIV Games Studio con cualquier fin,
> incluida la venta de sus derechos a compañías distribuidoras, venta
> directa, publicaciones shareware, freeware, etc.
> Asimismo, no se obliga a los autores a la inclusión de ninguna mención
> en los juegos a DIV Games Studio ni a Hammer Technologies, pudiendo
> hacerlo si así lo desearan.
> El único componente de DIV requerido en las instalaciones es el archivo
> DIV32RUN.DLL, que contiene la librería de enlace con las funciones
> internas del lenguaje de programación. Este archivo será incluido
> siempre por el sistema en las instalaciones realizadas. DIV32RUN.DLL es
> un programa freeware, de libre distribución, cuya última versión podrá
> siempre localizarse en la página WEB de DIV Games Studio
> (www.divgames.com).
> También se permite la libre creación y distribución de utilidades o
> herramientas auxiliares para este programa, de forma que complementen o
> sustituyan las funciones normales en el mismo.
> ----------
>        "DIV 2 Games Studio", pg. 42, 1999, ISBN: 84-89245-82-7
> The original version's virtually the same and can be found at:
>        "DIV Manual de usuario" pg. 59, 1997-98, ISBN: 84-8924-5-31-2
> Additionally, several CDs were released by Prensa Técnica (Madrid) with
> artwork libraries (~25 MB/CD) intended to be used by this tool.
> It should be obvious for a native reader, but I'll note that the
> "required component" mention's just a technical requirement, not a legal
> one. You can bypass including that file.
> I hope this is enough information.
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