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Re: OpenAL Soft to become the Default OpenAL Library

2008/5/9 Andres Mejia <mcitadel@gmail.com>:

> I am writing to you all because I want your help in testing packages that
> build and/or run using the new library. The goal of the Debian Games Team is
> to include the OpenAL Soft library in unstable, in time for release with
> Lenny. I have already packaged openal-soft for inclusion in experimental. You
> can download them from mentors.debian.net.
> - dget
> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/o/openal-soft/openal-soft_1.3.253-1~experimental0.dsc

Why experimental? Can't it be directly uploaded to sid? Does it
replace openal package or we will have both coexisting during a time?

Do you already have a sponsor for it or do you need one?

> The list of packages that I tested which build and ran fine with no changes
> are:
> glest
> supertuxkart
> antigravitaattori (source: antigrav)
> scorched3d
> xpilot-ng-client-sdl (source: xpilot-ng)
> xpilot-ng-client-x11 (source: xpilot-ng)
> flightgear (and dependency simgear)
> simgear
> vegastrike (version in unstable)
> warzone2100
> trigger
> openarena
> btanks
> supertux (version in experimental)
> tremulous
> torcs
> mplayer
> ogreal (only in Debian games team svn)
> warsow

There are quite a few of them, as soon as the newer library is in the
repository we shall work on that if we want to reach Lenny. For what I
understand, the build dependencies will have to be changed, don't


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