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Re: OpenAL Soft to become the Default OpenAL Library

On Friday 16 May 2008 3:26:41 am Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> 2008/5/9 Andres Mejia <mcitadel@gmail.com>:
> > I am writing to you all because I want your help in testing packages that
> > build and/or run using the new library. The goal of the Debian Games Team
> > is to include the OpenAL Soft library in unstable, in time for release
> > with Lenny. I have already packaged openal-soft for inclusion in
> > experimental. You can download them from mentors.debian.net.
> > - dget
> > http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/o/openal-soft/openal-soft_1.3.
> >253-1~experimental0.dsc
> Why experimental? Can't it be directly uploaded to sid? Does it
> replace openal package or we will have both coexisting during a time?

Well, at the time there were three games I tested that did not work well with 
the new library. They were chromium, funguloids, and boson. Two were crashing 
yet fixes were found for them. Paul fixed up chromium and I fixed funguloids. 
Both patches were sent upstream. That only leaves boson, which only has the 
problem of not producing any sound, so you can still play the game.

I suppose an upload directly to sid should be done, as the new library does 
fix the horrible sound output that the old library was causing. It was 
producing bad static noise on a lot of machines, especially machines using 
non Creative Labs sound cards. This included my laptop.

I'll change the package to get it ready to upload to sid.

> Do you already have a sponsor for it or do you need one?

No, I still need one. I'll fix the openal-soft package to go to sid first.

> > The list of packages that I tested which build and ran fine with no
> > changes are:
> > glest
> > supertuxkart
> > antigravitaattori (source: antigrav)
> > scorched3d
> > xpilot-ng-client-sdl (source: xpilot-ng)
> > xpilot-ng-client-x11 (source: xpilot-ng)
> > flightgear (and dependency simgear)
> > simgear
> > vegastrike (version in unstable)
> > warzone2100
> > trigger
> > openarena
> > btanks
> > supertux (version in experimental)
> > tremulous
> > torcs
> > mplayer
> > ogreal (only in Debian games team svn)
> > warsow
> There are quite a few of them, as soon as the newer library is in the
> repository we shall work on that if we want to reach Lenny. For what I
> understand, the build dependencies will have to be changed, don't
> they?
> Miry

Nothing has to be changed. Everything should build and run as it should with 
the old library and without making any modifications. The above packages did 
not need any changes. chromium needed a change to get it to build, funguloids 
needed a change to get it to run. That only leaves boson which needs a change 
to get the sound to work.


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