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Re: Optimizing arch-independent game data (png, for example)

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> >  Can we imagine a debhelper script for that like dh_pngcompress?
> Maybe Joey can tell us if/how it would be possible?
> In fact, maybe it would be a good idea to think more globally and do a
> dh_grxcompress or something like that, maybe we could think about
> expanding it to handle jpegs too sometime?

It depends on whether this is compression that we want globally for all
packages or not. If it's something that can sanely be done globally, it
could just be put into dh_compress. But it sounds like optipng is too slow
to want to run it on packages that are not known to benefit. So a
separate dh_ utility, or a dh_compress option would be better. If it was
to be included in debhelper, I'd probably lean toward a dh_compress
option. If you want to put a dh_grxcompress in some other package, that
would also be ok.

I'm also uncertian from this thread whether the best compression options
for a given package's pngs will vary, or always be the same. If it's
something that has to be tuned to each package to get best/not too
expensive results, or if it doesn't get used in many packages, a
debhelper command is not the best avenue.

My suggestion would probably be, put the commands in packages directly;
if a commonality emerges, that can be factored out into a debhelper
command later.

see shy jo

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