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Re: [Question for the whole list, please read] Vegastrike 0.5.0 Packages Ready

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On Wed, May 14, 2008 at 9:00 PM, Vincent Fourmond  wrote:
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>  Moreover, I really think we should split the *binary* vegastrike-data
> into vegastrike-data and vegastrike-music, and this for two reasons:
>  * first, this would allow people that don't listen to music (like me)
> not to install a good 100MB for nothing
>  * second, and most important, that would get rid of the
> vegastrike-music source package from the archive (and therefore save a
> couple of 100MB). I'm not sure a Replace: is enough.

I tried to send this proposal a few days ago, but my cellphone betrayed me :)

Anyways, I think it would be very beneficial if you actually split the
data package into five or six packages. Thus, if you fix a bug related
only to textures, you only need to upload the textures package. The
Debian archive mirrors need to sync only the textures package. Users
only need to update textures.

Initial and complete install and package is still 500mb (right?) but
upon update, a significantly smaller portion of the package needs to
be updated.

I was annoyed with large updates to Alien Arena and that was the
primary reason I removed it.

Also, as I suggested few threads ago, is it possible to, in
cooperation with upstream, create a lite data version which would be
available for people like me with hard drive constraints?


Ivan Vučica

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