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[Question for the whole list, please read] Vegastrike 0.5.0 Packages Ready

  Hello !!

Andres Mejia wrote:
> You can still login with a password.


  There is one thing that bothers me, though: I can't get to actually do
anything with the current vegastrike (and old vegastrike-data): I don't
get the starbase or anything (just messages saying something is missing...).

  This unfortunately means that dependencies need to be tightened and
the new vegastrike-data uploaded at the same time... Which brings me
back to the real question: can we really upload that big ???

  Moreover, I really think we should split the *binary* vegastrike-data
into vegastrike-data and vegastrike-music, and this for two reasons:

  * first, this would allow people that don't listen to music (like me)
not to install a good 100MB for nothing
  * second, and most important, that would get rid of the
vegastrike-music source package from the archive (and therefore save a
couple of 100MB). I'm not sure a Replace: is enough.

  Well, here is my proposition:

  * you split vegastrike-data into data+music
  * you tighten up dependencies for data, as newer vegastrike is not
compatible with older vegastrike-data.

  Then, if within 10 days no one has objected to me uploading such a big
source package (450MB, which would result in a net increase in the
archive of 200MB times two), I'll do it.

  Cheers, and thanks for your work on vegastrike !


Vincent Fourmond, Debian Developer


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