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Stuff on mentors and a pet project (race)

Hi folks,

I haven't whined in a while so I thought I'd do so.. :) I have a few packages still on mentors if anyone has time...


I think Kibi is looking at this one. There are newer packages upstream but they are "development" branches and upstream doesn't think we should use them.

Also, ASC now builds with the newer libsdl-sound1.2 but I am wondering if I should wait for libphysfs since it is a build-dep??


This one I haven't put in SVN yet nor have I done an ITP on it. I was hoping someone could check it out and see if it's worth including. It's done by the same guy that did LordsAWar and he has asked me to package it.


Still waiting for disposition on this one. I think only Vincent has looked at it and I'm not sure he has even had a chance to do so since I "fixed" a few things he found??

I have also been working on porting Race: http://race.sourceforge.net. It was done with ClanLib 0.7.x and I am trying to get it to build with 0.8. I have a lot of the menu/GUI stuff working now but if anyone is interested in helping out just for kicks, I could certainly use the help. I have my latest mess posted here: http://www.bddebian.com/junk/race/race-0.9.0_bdfup4.tar.gz

I have also been hit up again by one of the aprq2 guys. Apparently he has a patch to make v2.11 build. Do we have any interest in a Quake2 engine or not?

Thanks as always!

Barry deFreese

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