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Re: Lost Labyrinth

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
2008/5/12 Vincent Bernat <bernat@debian.org>:
OoO En ce  début d'après-midi nuageux du lundi 12  mai 2008, vers 14:46,
 je disais:

 >> I am new to this list so I first want to say hello to everybody.

 >> Since a few days we can compile our game Lost Labyrinth with a free compiler.
 >> So the whole game is open source now.
 >> It is written in purebasic which is commercial. But the new compiler
 >> translates it to c++ and creates an executable.

 >> I would like to know if somebody here would like to maintain it.
 >> Create a deb for it (I already have a script that creates a deb for the
 >> version with the old compiler) and maintain it for debian.

 >> Maybe this would be a nice addition for the games sector of debian?

It would be really nice to have it in Debian, but I wonder if it would
have to go to contrib. Even though it can be exported to C++, the
source code (as in "the preferred format for modification") will still
be purepasic, wouldn't it?

Does the generated C++ code depend on some non-free libraries?

Actually I just checked this out after seeing the previous mail in this thread, and it seems that lost labyrinth now is 100% free software in lostlaby's svn there now is a module called elice, which is a Free purebasic -> c++ compiler:

It's currently geared to compiling lostlaby, so I'm thinking about just bundling it with the lostlaby purebasic sources and building a Fedora package that way, either way this is definitely good news!

I've just compiled lostlaby with this using 100% free software from .pb files to an 64 bit elf binary.



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