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Introducing pyracerz (and myself)

 Hello team.

 As some of you already know, I've recently joined the games team. My
primary goal is to get the game 'pyracerz ' team maintained, but not
only.  I'd also like to get involved into the team in some other areas
of my interest.

 Having a look  at the project's main goals, item 9 caught my
attention since I've always thought that having something similar to
gRustibus [1]  would be a good way to provide a 'centralized games
interface'. I don't really know if there's someone already working on
this front, but I'm willing to coordinate a "screenshot task force" as
a first step while we decide what kind of interface (or none) we

Regarding pyracerz, It's a (quite fun) 2D multiplayer racing game,
implemented in Pyhton/Pygame, distributed with Debian since Oct 2005
and maintained by myself since Oct 2006.
The package includes some patches (using quilt), most of them fixing
path issues. Upstream developer is not working on it anymore, so I
guess we are the 'de facto' upstream.

There are 2 bugs regarding the package, one of them (#402388) reports
a performance issue, caused (as said by upstream) by Pygame itself,
when using more than 3 or 4 simultaneous players. The bug is tagged as
'forwarded' and 'wontfix', but I guess it should change at any time.

The other bug (#478454) is already fixed in the sources I uploaded to
svn (python-numpy dependence can be safely removed since it's only
used in Windows).

It would be fine if some of you could review the package and suggest
any change/fix/whatever.


[1] http://grustibus.sourceforge.net/screenshots.shtml

Carlos Galisteo <cgalisteo AT k-rolus.net>
Key_Fingerprint::F888 6FBA 9145 B5A2 C187 66D6 5B8C 027A 69AD BE65

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