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Re: Vegastrike 0.5.0 Packages Ready

2008/5/12 Hans de Goede <j.w.r.degoede@hhs.nl>:

> I'm trying to help here, it would be useful if I was given some credit
> instead of you doubting my words, and it would be prudent to properly do
> your homework when it comes to licensing, reading the whole topic was the
> least you could (and should) have done.

Thanks Hans, really,

the idea is to do things properly and not just avoid problems being
noticed. Your help is really welcome and I really appreciate it at
least. Licensing problems can be too ungrateful but we have to be very
careful about them if we want to avoid future problems. Noticing
licensing issues too late might lead to much worse problems than
diving into them from start, so I really suggest every one to be very
critic especially when related to music, ttf fonts and
graphics/photos/images. Usually not even upstream has a clear idea of
their license if they haven't made it themselves.

It seems that Hans has already done this job for us in this case, so I
suggest following his advice. It might saves us a lot of time and


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