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Re: Introducing pyracerz (and myself)

2008/5/12 Carlos <cgalisteo@k-rolus.net>:
>  Hello team.
>   As some of you already know, I've recently joined the games team. My
>  primary goal is to get the game 'pyracerz ' team maintained, but not
>  only.  I'd also like to get involved into the team in some other areas
>  of my interest.

Welcome Carlos!!!

>   Having a look  at the project's main goals, item 9 caught my
>  attention since I've always thought that having something similar to
>  gRustibus [1]  would be a good way to provide a 'centralized games
>  interface'. I don't really know if there's someone already working on
>  this front, but I'm willing to coordinate a "screenshot task force" as
>  a first step while we decide what kind of interface (or none) we
>  prefer.

Hey, if you're interested in helping with GoPlay! your help will
really be welcome!!!

>  Regarding pyracerz, It's a (quite fun) 2D multiplayer racing game,
>  implemented in Pyhton/Pygame, distributed with Debian since Oct 2005
>  and maintained by myself since Oct 2006.
>  The package includes some patches (using quilt), most of them fixing
>  path issues. Upstream developer is not working on it anymore, so I
>  guess we are the 'de facto' upstream.
>  There are 2 bugs regarding the package, one of them (#402388) reports
>  a performance issue, caused (as said by upstream) by Pygame itself,
>  when using more than 3 or 4 simultaneous players. The bug is tagged as
>  'forwarded' and 'wontfix', but I guess it should change at any time.
>  The other bug (#478454) is already fixed in the sources I uploaded to
>  svn (python-numpy dependence can be safely removed since it's only
>  used in Windows).

Is it already removed in SVN?

>  It would be fine if some of you could review the package and suggest
>  any change/fix/whatever.

I'll try to have a look at it tomorrow if I find some time :)


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