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Re: Vegastrike 0.5.0 Packages Ready

Andres Mejia wrote:
On Monday 12 May 2008 2:25:56 am you wrote:
Andres Mejia wrote:

Has it been decided what to do with games with huge data packages?
Currently, the orig tarball for vegastrike-data is 485.6MB, and the deb
is 486.5MB. There won't be a new vegastrike-music package since upstream
bundled it with their data this time.

I'm the Fedora vegastrike maintainer

Anyway, the packages vegastrike and vegastrike-data are ready in SVN for
review and for anyone willing to upload them. Both packages would end up
in main, and uploading both packages would close all bugs for the
vegastrike packages. I also took care of all the lintian warnings/errors
for both packages.
As is they cannot be in main as some of the music is CC By-Nc-Sa
licensed, see:

Actually, the link you provided to me states that it's dual-licensed, so it can still go to main. I determined this much by vegastrike's documentation (forgot where exactly I read it though).

Not _all_ music is dual licensed, read the whole topic! I am the same jwrdegoede/Hans who asked if the initial vague terms explained in that topic meant the music is dual licensed. At first one of the vegastrike devs akcnowledged this, then another developer chipped in and said that this was not the case for _all_ music.

Quoting from the forum discussion: "I believe... some tracks aren't GPL (Falik's for instance).", the later on: "I just thought I'd point out that Falik never said he was licensing his stuff under the GPL, he merely gave us (express) permission to use it."

I'm trying to help here, it would be useful if I was given some credit instead of you doubting my words, and it would be prudent to properly do your homework when it comes to licensing, reading the whole topic was the least you could (and should) have done.



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