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Re: libphysfs

Ivan Vucica wrote:
I think using a 'stable' two year old release should be frowned upon even more, but that's perhaps only my opinion :)

Think about it this way: as it's a fairly complete lib and obviously inactive (except for latest 1.1.1 it died around 2005, right?) it's highly probable it fixed several bugs while not introducing new ones :)

From upstream:

I wrote:
Is 1.1.1 stable enough to be packaged (I currently can't get 1.1.1 to build on Debian but I haven't tried super hard yet)? Or do you have any intent soon of releasing a new stable branch?

He replied:

I wouldn't replace the 1.0 package with it yet.

(Also, if you're having trouble building it, it could very well be my fault, since 1.1 moved from autoconf to CMake. Please do send me the problems and I'll take a look.)



Barry deFreese

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