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Re: libphysfs

Ivan Vucica wrote:
I think using a 'stable' two year old release should be frowned upon even more, but that's perhaps only my opinion :)

Think about it this way: as it's a fairly complete lib and obviously inactive (except for latest 1.1.1 it died around 2005, right?) it's highly probable it fixed several bugs while not introducing new ones :)

OK, OK, beat me down... I looked at the 1.1.1 tarball and it doesn't contain the build files. I could add cmake to calls to rules I guess but is that the right answer?

I could also pull from svn which has been updated last on 4/3/2008. If I do that should I cmake and then pack or still leave it as is and add cmake calls to rules anyway??

Am I making any sense?? :)



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