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Re: Writing get-orig-source targets to conform with policy

Andres Mejia wrote:
> On Monday 18 February 2008 7:23:55 am Emmet Hikory wrote:
> > Andres Mejia wrote:
> > > Thanks. This was exactly what I wanted to do.
> > >
> > > This had me stumped for a long time but now I'm free to use whatever
> > > scripting language I want and supply whatever options I want for the
> > > external scripts.
> >
> >     Please don't.  All the packages I've seen in the Debian Games SVN
> > use make as the debian/rules interpreter.  While this could also be
> > any other type of script, we choose make to have a common platform,
> > and all be able to contribute to the packages.
> Is working with shell scripts going to be a problem? That's what I was
> planning.
> I find it easier to write shell scripts for the get-orig-source functionality
> for some packages. Look at warsow's and ogre's get-orig-source scripts.

    No, shell is another environment with which it is likely safe to
expect everyone to be able to understand.  On the other hand, make is
quite capable of anything that can be scripted in shell, so I fail to
see the advantage of using alternate semantics.  Anyway, any
get-orig-source is better than none, so if you must use a script
rather than make, please do so, and accept my appreciation for easing
package updates.


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