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Re: OpenRating system for games

2008/2/17, Ethan <ethan.glasser.camp@gmail.com>:

> Also, I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, but why are
> there single colons some places and double colons other places? I can
> guess that "rating" is a special tagset and so gets its own namespace,
> and "violence::realistic" is a facet and a tag, and "optional" is some
> kind of extended tag part, but I think it looks weird to have one
> colon one place and two colons other places. I guess users might not
> see the actual tags or never have to enter them by hand, but if they
> did, they might wonder. I don't know if this is important or not.

I see your point here. The format for the tags is always facet::tag,
with double colon. The single colons are just a normal character
there, but as there is no way of making a subtree of facets or tags, I
just went on with this format. I coul just have used a single dot (.)
or a hyphen (-) or whatever character instead of a single colon, do
you think it would make more sense?

I've been without Internet connection the whole weekend, so I couldn't
read or answer mail. Thanks for all the feedback I've been having on
this, I'm not replying to everything suggested by Alain, Richard and
you yet because I want to think about it for a while first. I will
answer later. Thanks a lot :)

I think I should also write some rationale after the way I structured the tags.


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