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Re: OpenRating system for games


I love this idea, of tagging games.

Le vendredi 15 février 2008, Miriam Ruiz a écrit :
> My idea is that parents can have a configurable red-yellow-green way
> of classifying the games, so that they know if a game is likely to be
> OK (green light), if it's probably going to be rejected (red light),
> or if I should have to pay attention to that game, as it's not clear
> whether they would like it or not (yellow light, warning).

Yes. Configurable colors is excellent idea.

Maybe reduce the number of categories to keep only the most generic ones,
and prevent dilution. If too many fall in one category, then refine if needed.

Lots of games fall in many alike categories at the same time:
Violence TAG would apply to  (eg. Doom-like fits nearly all the categories)

 # Violence
 # Bloodshed and Gore
 # Fear
 # (Sexual Violence)
 # Tag: rating:theme::war
 # Tag: rating:theme::horror
 # Tag: rating:theme::cruelty
 # Tag: rating:theme::death
 # Tag: rating:theme::genocidal

Just remove the details about Tag: rating:violence::minor:optional.
How are packaged games with optional violence ? i think it is impossible
to maintain. Either people install it or not.

So keep only few tags, and apply several of them to each games:
with value: none, small, medium, high
 * violence
 * sex
 * drug 
 * discrimination
 * language (bad words)
 * religious
 * gambling

 Doom = violence::high, skill::brain-damage, age::Adolescence+
 Freeciv = violence::small, skill::medium:history/geography/logic, age::Adolescence+

The more i think about this, the more i see it like non-free,
to protect people from bad things. Maybe just the "bad" tag is 
needed, and "age" as other seems to be nearly duplicate of debian categories.

 * knowledge (Kalzium)
 * cognitive (memory, spatial, logic .... all inside this)
 * edutainment

 Gcompris = Edutainment, skill::many, age::2-10
 Sokoban = skill::logic, age::5-99

Last detail Tag: rating:sex::nudity
nudity is not seen as a sexual taboo in many cultures, it is just normal
when you live in countries where you don't need to wear clothes (Africa...).
Is there a game with potentially shocking nudity without sexual idea implied ?

My 2 cents

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