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Re: Request for Help: Attal

Eddy Petrișor wrote:
Barry deFreese wrote:
Hi folks,

I've picked up attal (with permission from the maintainer who is no longer active). I just injected it today. I've got it mostly working but I've moved it's shared libraries to /usr/lib/attal and I'll be damned if I can get rpath to work. I've tried QMAKE_RPATH, LFLAGS, etc,

Why do you *want* to use rpath?
Using rpath in Debian is per policy forbidden.

etc to no avail.  If any of you have time, I'd appreciate a little help.

Because they aren't used by other packages. I can't keep up with this because I keep getting different answers. If I have a lib in /usr/lib, isn't it also policy that I have to have a lib binary package? I guess I would call them shared private libs or something? I suppose I could build it with static libs but the way it's packaged, I think I might still have the same problems.


Barry deFreese

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