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Re: Data files for a MMORPG

On 1/24/08, Ivan Vucica <ivucica@gmail.com> wrote:
> To be more precise names are Tibia.spr, Tibia.dat and Tibia.pic. If we'd
> have multiple versions, only then renaming would be an issue. Is there a
> specific reason why having extensions is bad?

I think it's more of a user interface concern than anything else, i.e.
it looks ugly, so I overstated the problem before by saying that you
might want to get rid of the extensions in general.  The only place I
can think of where it would be worth the effort to rename them is with
/usr/share/doc/foo/bar.txt, since it's assumed that if a file is in
/usr/share/doc/ and it has no extension, then it's going to have text
in it. Those are files that the user is going to be looking at
directly, so it's uglier to see a .txt file in there than anywhere
else.  I don't think I can find anything wrong with extensions from a
technical standpoint though.

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