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Re: Data files for a MMORPG

On Wed, 23 Jan 2008, Simon Ruggier wrote:

If it is possible to have separate packages, and you are willing to
put in the effort to implement that, it gives the users extra
functionality, so it's really up to whether or not you think it's
worth the effort having multiple versions of the data in separate

It's not much of an effort, since the data files don't change :)
But since they're growing with each version released, and not incrementally (only three files, and latest version totalling about 25mb) I'm also thinking about potential impact upon Debian servers :)

We could fetch the .tgz containing the data with wget and unpack them
during .deb installation or dpkg-reconfigure. Is this a good practice with
non-free data? Do other packages do such tricks?

flashplugin-nonfree does this, but it's a dirty hack.  I personally
prefer a package that generates and installs a non-redistributable
debian package on the user's system, but then it has to depend on
build-essential, etc., which makes it more of a pain for the user.

Does it do so with data only or does it recompile something? Because, we have only data issue so entire build-essential is probably not needed. This way we can also only support latest version, or we'll have to upload the .tgz elsewhere anyway. I'll be looking into it.

See the man page for dh_install.  You would make a file like
debian/foo-data.install and list the files in it like:
text*.txt usr/share/foo/

You would probably want to rename the files that have extensions on
the end unless they're necessary for the software to function (which
would be a bit of a wart).  For renaming, the only way to install is
in the rules file, where you might do something like
cp test1.txt $(DEB_DESTDIR)/usr/share/foo.

To be more precise names are Tibia.spr, Tibia.dat and Tibia.pic. If we'd have multiple versions, only then renaming would be an issue. Is there a specific reason why having extensions is bad?

If you aren't using CDBS, I don't think DEB_DESTDIR is defined, but I
don't remember, so you might have to hardcode the path or something.

If you use CDBS, reading the manual is useful, it's at

I have heard about CDBS, and unfortunately I didn't study it in great detail. I'll be looking into it, thanks!

Ivan Vucica

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