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Re: Data files for a MMORPG

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Ivan Vucica wrote:
On Thu, 24 Jan 2008, Eddy Petrior wrote:

I think you mean "yatc-data is a meta-package". If it were virtual,
it would be simply provided by the tibia-data package.

Well both solutions are ok, since indeed yatc-data will be provided by tibia-data, but still we may someday want to replace it with real data.

So meta-package is a better solution. Thanks!

Yes due to added benefit of having dependency versioning.

Neither. I think you could install them side by side and have a tool that
allows you to choose the correct one. How, you ask?

Simple, provide each data set under its own: /usr/share/tibia-X.YZ and,
through the chooser (you can use debconf to select the default) you make
a /usr/share/yatc a symlink to the active data set.

or use the alternatives system, as suggested by Simon

Well, we could build that into the client too. Ok, I'll keep that in mind.

Yes, see flashplugin-nonfree.

Does it do the trick with data, or with code too?

With the download.
(BTW, you seem to have been over-zealus when cutting the irelevant parts,
I am having issues remembering the contents of your initial questions).

That is usually a plain file structure. cp -r usuallly does the copying
of the files into debian/tmp. That directory becomes the internal
structure of the package.

I think I am not following you there. I saw debian/yatc formed, not debian/tmp during package building?

Well, it depends on the package, but since the package name provides a
100% name space which doesn't have colisions is used often.

The odd thing is that you don't have to care (too much) about that, you
just have to have a Makefile that uses DESTDIR and you're set ;-). And
since you do it only once, you forget which it was (later you use $DESTDIR).

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