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Installing into /usr/games


I'm an upstream author of an alternative MMORPG client for a proprietary game. Sadly we're currently also using their proprietary graphics package, so we won't be trying to get into Debian until we figure out how to solve that (20000+ sprites are in question).

So, I'd rather like to consider creating Debian package an exercise for future, including this MMORPG and my future projects :)

I am not very well versed in autoconf / automake, and the current build process is a hack. Debian packaging is on a bit better feet, but since autotools are having issues, so is the Debian package.

The problem is currently in the "make install" step. I am simply unable to get it to install into /usr/games and googling around did not help. I'm messing with it for many hours now, so I believe nobody can say I didn't try ;)

I found some hack in package tmw, file "tmw.install". I changed name to "yatc.install" and added proper lines:
yatc                 usr/games
debian/yatc.desktop  usr/share/applications

However I now get it in two places, both /usr/bin and /usr/games, and Lintian yells at me.

So, what is the proper way to make it get installed into $(prefix)/games?

By the way,

Hope it includes everything needed!
Ivan Vucica

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