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Re: Uploaders "policy"

* Barry deFreese <bddebian@comcast.net> [2008-01-09 18:14:46 CET]:
> Vorlon was looking at asc for me due to some SDL issues.  Sounds like he 
> is willing to sponsor/upload it but isn't necessarily comfortable that I 
> just added myself to uploaders.  Do we have a policy for this?

 Not really, here are my thoughts about it:

 We need to break it up into two parts, one is about it being DM
Uploadable, one being it not.

 If it's DM uploadable, one shouldn't add themself to the Uploaders
without having that disscussed with the sponsors, otherwise they are
risking the trust put in them both by the sponsors but also by the
project in general...

 If it's not DM uploadable, I can follow the reasoning of being able to
see it as ones own qa page[1] as feeling more attached to the package,
sort of being listed as a primary contact about the package, both from
users but also from within the team. The latter isn't that unimportant,
being able to have someone to ask when one is unsure about certain parts
of development, how to go further and such.

 But even if it's not DM uploadable one has to keep in mind that that
particular control field could get added in the future and maybe discuss
with other Uploaders about adding so they are aware and not just blindly
add the control field - which also might have been overlooked by you.

 That are though just my thoughts and shouldn't be read as me being an
admin in the team.

 So long,

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