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Package statuses and other ramblings

Hi folks,

I am all over the place with several packages so I'm sending one big TODO e-mail. If any of you have time to help/sponsor/review/upload, etc I'd be highly grateful.

3dchess: Was an orphaned package. Should be fine. I can upload to mentors if preferred.

adanaxisgpl:  Sitting in NEW

asc: I fixed the package description per Rhonda. Vorlon is currently looking at this because of an SDL issue but is hesitant to upload because I added myself to uploaders. Need approval.

btanks: New upstream. Having some weird library linking issues that I could really use some help with. Seems to build/run fine though.

conquest: Redo entire build system to use debhelper. Bas was helping me with this but I got stuck on another strange library issue. Not sure of the current status as Bas made some changes.

dd2: Ready to go but seems to have a random bug writing to ./dd2rc. I'm still not sure why the binary needs to be dodgindiamonds2.

etw: I have a new build sitting on mentors. It's really the same release as currently in the archive but uses upstream version numbering so watch file doesn't complain.

libtp*: Thousand parsec libraries. Working OK but I really need a review as I'm sure the copyright files have issues. Have been talking to upstream.

tpclient-pywx: Same as libtp*  Package does finally "work" though.

megamek: I haven't put this one in svn yet. It has some .jar files in /lib that I'm not sure how to handle

netpanzer: Got removed from testing, I need to investigate.

openyahtzee: New package. This is waiting on a new depends version but I'll be damned if I remember what

powermanga: New upstream. Might still have some non-free junk in the tarball (specifically font.tk). Was hoping to catch sam on this one.

shisen.app: Orphaned package.  See the mailing list.

stormbaancoureur: New upstream release. Possibly non-free image file. I've mailed debian-legal about it.

I don't think this is a complete list but it's a good start. If anyone has time/patience/advice, I'd be most grateful...


Barry deFreese

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